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“Bike-up”: Very educative project!

By Angela Zhelkova We had a great time at this youth exchange. It was an exchange where, over the course of a week, more than 20 participants from 4 countries gathered to learn more about bicycles and the environmental impact they have. The event took place in Bitola from October 3 to 9, 2022. The

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Youth Exchange “Bike-up”: Our new perspectives

By Stanislav Krastev I really liked the project! The experience I had and the things I learned here in Bitola are more about Erasmus program and youth exchanges. I really learned a lot. But, this is also about the topic, biking. I learned how different parts of the bike are called in different languages, I

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Youth Exchange “Bike-up”: Bitola vs. Denmark

By Anna-Katharina Lüers My name is Anna-Katharina Lüers and I am coming from the Danish Youth Team, from Denmark. This event called “Bike up” was held in Bitola, North Macedonia and was about urban transport in Europe, or at least it is what was I interested about. During the activities in this youth exchange I

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