Mental Health workshops for peer educators in full steam

Throughout November and December last year, a series of workshops on mental health topics for peer educators from primary and secondary schools and faculties from Bitola. The first mental health workshop module was on the topic of anxiety and depression.…

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A Journey of Inspiration and Connection: Mid-America Camping Conference (MACC)

By Viktor Iliev I will begin with my profound gratitude to the YMCA of the USA for extending an invitation to join an international cohort at the Mid-America Camping Conference (MACC). This gathering transcended conventional expectations, evolving into an immersive…

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630 young people included in the club for digital education

Digital literacy, a skill that is now as important as reading and writing, is the ability of citizens to use computers effectively in their workplaces and in their daily lives. The ability to use devices for games and entertainment does…

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Youth Meaningful Work Survey

At the World YMCA, we dream of a world where all young people can access decent jobs and meaningful work. To achieve that dream, we need to understand the views and experiences of young people.The YMCA is delighted to launch…

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Beginning of the peer school for mental health of children and youth

One of the most important elements of the project is the peer school itself, through which we plan to make a significantly large outreach of the topic of mental health. In the second half of September and October, we worked…

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Participation in education program for support of youth workers in the field of career guidance

By Jovche Krsteski Guided by the goal of offering better services for youth employment, we are happy that as a member of the Union for Youth Work we had the opportunity to participate in two trainings for counselors for career…

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