Mental Health. Deep dive on a grassroots level among young people and adults

Through peer-to-peer education in working with the youth and initiating support groups in working with adults, this project aims to install proven methods of work when facing challenging issues and/or topics. Peer-to-peer education plays a pivotal role in empowering youth…

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Consultants Training within the project “Measuring Impact: with, for and by youth organizations”

The training took place 20-24 September 2023 held in the picturesque setting of Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium and the 28 leaders from 25 different countries were equipped with research skills, necessary soft skills for organizing and running research as well as general…

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Participants’ Impressions from the YMCA+HP Digital Education Program

Martha I am Marta from Krushevo, I am currently studying in Bitola. I found out about the courses through Natasha from the YMCA because we know each other from before. Today I attended the fifth course and in the future,…

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Roots Peace Work Institute Reunion in The Holy Land

By Viktor Iliev It's been quite a while since my last participation in some of the Peace Work Institute sessions. As a 2015-year alumnus, I was invited to join this event to reflect on the previous period in terms of…

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PROJECT: Peer School for the Mental Health of Children and Youth

The project comes as a logical result of the fact that in Bitola the subject of mental health have not been dealt with in a systematic way, but only ad-hoc and in the short term. In addition to this and…

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Successful NLP training in Plovdiv!

It is known that Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a methodology that investigates the dynamic relationship between language, neurological processes, and behavioral patterns. It is a versatile approach that offers understanding of human behavior, communication, and personal development and also practical…

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Со мисија до младински лидери