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Mental Health workshops for Peer Educators [module 1,2,3]

Throughout November and December last year, we implemented a series of workshops on mental health topics for peer educators from primary and secondary schools and faculties from Bitola. The first mental health workshop module was on the topic of anxiety and depression. According to experts in the field of psychological sciences, anxiety is a condition

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Call for Peer Educators for Mental Health [CLOSED]

This call is for locals only. Please refer to the Macedonian language page for details.

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Mental Health. Deep dive on a grassroots level among young people and adults

Through peer-to-peer education in working with the youth and initiating support groups in working with adults, this project aims to install proven methods of work when facing challenging issues and/or topics. Peer-to-peer education plays a pivotal role in empowering youth and fostering community development, a mission that aligns seamlessly with our dedication at the YMCA

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