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Participants’ Impressions from the YMCA+HP Digital Education Program

Martha I am Marta from Krushevo, I am currently studying in Bitola. I found out about the courses through Natasha from the YMCA because we know each other from before. Today I attended the fifth course and in the future, I plan to attend several more courses. The courses are interesting to follow, and the

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330 young people in 4 months included in YMCA+HP program

After 4 months of delivering activities related to YMCA’s digital education courses in collaboration with HP, we would like to share with you some of the findings from the evaluations completed by the participants. We are happy with the feedback we receive from the participants who describe the courses as easy to follow, interesting, interactive,

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Overview of HP & YMCA digital education program and opportunities

The goal of the collaboration between HP and YMCA is to use technology in a good way, to achieve digital inclusion by providing access to technology and digital education to everyone in an easy and interesting way. The courses are made by experts in their fields from the HP company and conducted by YMCA youth

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