Opening of a Youth Center in Bitola

We are pleased to announce the grand opening of our brand new Youth Center, a vibrant, creative, educational space designed to nurture and empower the young minds of our community. This occasion marks a significant achievement in our commitment to provide an environment for our youth to explore their interests, connect with others and unlock their full potential.

The youth center is an encouraging environment, a place where there will be realized many opportunities and potential. It is a place where young people can gather, learn and grow in an atmosphere of creativity, support, and inclusiveness. Our goal is to foster an environment that inspires and uplifts, fostering a sense of belonging in every young person who walks through our doors.

Within these walls, our youth will discover a myriad of opportunities to explore their interests, expand their horizons, and develop valuable skills. From workshops, seminars to exciting recreational activities and leadership, and environmental programs, we have carefully curated a diverse range of programs to cater to our young community members’ diverse interests and talents. Whether it’s art, music, sports, or entrepreneurship, we aim to provide space for every passion to flourish.

Additionally, the Youth Center will serve as a hub for making and nurturing meaningful connections and building lasting friendships. We recognize the power of the community and the young people in our community. From joint projects and group activities to volunteering opportunities and community initiatives, our aim is to encourage a sense of social responsibility and instil in young people a sense of belonging to this community.

Behind the work of our Youth Center is a team of dedicated youth workers who are committed to guiding and supporting our youth on their journey toward self-discovery and progress. These knowledge-carrying youth workers are excited to share it, inspire new perspectives, and foster personal growth in every young person they meet.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to all the individuals, supporters, and partners (Municipality of Bitola, Youth Cultural Center, Sfera, Union for Youth Work, Mladi Hub) who have committed to making this goal a reality. Their support and commitment to investing in our youth have been key to bringing this Youth Center to life. We are grateful for their shared vision for a brighter future for our community, where every young person’s potential is realized and celebrated.

Our goal is to support the personal and social development of young people in Bitola and their active involvement in the life of the community through the following activities:

– Sports and recreational activities
– Activities to mark significant holidays and international dates
– Art workshops (drawing, music)
– Workshops/discussions to improve your knowledge about yourself with advice from experts in the field of career counselling, psychologists, or professors from vocational schools, as well as for the development of entrepreneurship
– Workshops with advice, education, and actions for the preservation of ecological life in Bitola
– Volunteer actions, motivated to organize volunteering campaigns in Bitola.
– Educational workshops for different areas – Other activities that include socializing and socializing.