Natasha’s story from the Training Course “Youth work in Green entrepreneurs”

By Natasha Darkov

In the period May 1-7 in Struga, Macedonia, the SEGA Coalition of Youth Organizations within the Erasmus + program conducted the international training course “Youth work in Green entrepreneurs” which included youth workers from Macedonia, Slovakia and Turkey.

I am happy that I participated as a representative of the YMCA and gained new knowledge and competencies in the field of green entrepreneurship. Considering the small number of participants, we had a chance for a larger discussion and the opportunity to receive better mentoring support from the organizers. The topic was elaborated in detail with basic information about entrepreneurship and of course green business ideas and their development. Each participant had to develop a detailed business plan for their idea with a special emphasis on green entrepreneurship. The training course was based on an innovative approach to green entrepreneurship as a sustainable business model by preserving the environment and raising youth employability.

Starting from the basics of entrepreneurship (definitions, skills and competencies) through the basic factors for a successful business (clear goals, business idea, organization, marketing, SWOT analysis) we quickly reached the stage of planning our green business while taking into account our environment (family, friends, acquaintances, institutions, banks) who and how could help us. Green business ideas were analyzed and evaluated if they are profitable, innovative, realistic, etc. Next came the stage of developing a marketing plan for our ideas after which we finalized them by creating a financial plan for the business ideas. On the last day with concepts developed in this way, we presented green ideas and solutions in an interesting and interactive way which was followed by the selection of the best business idea.