Youth Meaningful Work Survey

At the World YMCA, we dream of a world where all young people can access decent jobs and meaningful work. To achieve that dream, we need to understand the views and experiences of young people.
The YMCA is delighted to launch the “Youth Meaningful Work” survey, designed by young people for young people.

What the survey involves:
• The survey asks young people aged 18-35 all around the world what meaningful work means to them, and their hopes, fears, needs, expectations, and how ready they feel for work in the future.
• The survey is open for 8 weeks, until Friday 15 December 2023 and takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Why have a survey:
By hearing the voices of thousands of young people across the globe, the survey will provide a strong evidence base to help design solutions for young people, with young people.

We need your help:
For our survey to be successful, we need your help in making sure we hear from as many young people from diverse backgrounds as possible across the world.
• Complete the survey if you are aged between 18-35 – we want to hear about your career aspirations and experiences, and what you might need to achieve your aspirations.

Access the survey through our website or via the link here: Youth Meaningful Work Survey
• Distribute our survey – we ask that you distribute the survey widely by sharing the above link to young people, partners and across your networks, to help amplify the voices of young people within your local communities.

Need more information?
• See our website dedicated to the Youth Meaningful Work Survey – The website will provide tools and resources, responses to frequently asked questions, our communications kit and other supports, and will share videos posted by young people from all around the world!
• For more information or support, please refer to our new website or contact the Global Meaningful Work project team at

Thank you for your support of this important project.