Отворени часови / Open hours @ YMCA Bitola
Jan 1 – Dec 31 all-day


Работните часови на канцеларијата се од понеделник до петок од 10.00 до 16.00 часот.

Ако сте заинтересирани или пак имате прашања за учество во нашите активности, да споделите идеи или да добиете информации за нашите тековни активности, тоа можете да го сторите на волонтерските средби кои ги организираме повремено.

Календарот на настани се обновува во текот на месецот.  Бидете во тек со нашите случувања!

Волонтирај во Европа @ YMCA Bitola
Jan 2 2020 – Dec 31 2021 all-day

ИМКА Битола ти нуди можност за волонтирање и во Европа!

Европскиот Солидарен Корпус (поранешниот Европски Волонтерски Сервис) е програма на Европска Унија која им овозможува на млади помеѓу 17-30 години да волонтираат во странство од 2-12 месеци.

Европската Унија ги покрива сите трошоци со цел да промовира вредности како што се: активно граѓанство, толеранција, взаемно разбирање,  солидарност.

Оваа програма еднаш во животот нуди искуство каде волонтерите  имаат можност да запознаат други култури, да станат независни, да стекнат работни вештини, да се обучат за тимска работа, да патуваат и научат јазик како и да добијат Youthpass сертификат кој е признаен во странство и со тоа да ги зголемат шансите за вработување.

Доколку се волонтира на долгорочен проект (помеѓу 2 и 12 месеци), волонтерот нема повеќе можност за повторување на искуството преку оваа програма. Доколку првото волонтирање е краткорочно до 2 месеци, тогаш волонтерот би можел да аплицира уште еднаш за искористување на преостанатите 10 месеци.

Овој тип на волонтирање не е платена работа, јазичен курс, стажирање или туризам и покрај тоа што содржи елементи од сето ова.

Проектите за кои може да аплицирате имаат најразлични теми (над 50) и ваше е да одберете дали сакате да работите со деца или во театар или можеби со лица со хендикеп, социјална работа, ICT- нови тенологии, да предавате јазик, да научите како да водите организација, работа со кампови итн.

Низ следниве дата-бази може да се пребаруваат овие теми: (пребарувате согласно Вашите временски планови, тема и земја каде би сакале да волонтирате), (пребарувате под „Младински размени“, „Европски Солидарен Корпус“ или „Тренинзи“)

Отворените повици за волонтирање ги објавуваме на фејсјбук. Доколку имате прашања може да не контактирајте и на меил:

Долгорочен ЕСК/ЕВС проект во Олде Вехте, Холандија @ Olde Vechte Foundation
Jan 2 – Dec 31 all-day

Можност за долгорочно волонтирање во Олде Вехте фондацијата во Холандија. Волонтирањето ќе се остварува согласно условите на Европскиот Солидарен Корпус.

Заинтересираните за аплицирање и прашања, пишете на




[Call closed] for YE “RePlay” in the Netherlands @ Ommen, The Netherlands
Aug 16 – Aug 27 all-day

The Call is closed!!!

RePlay is Youth Exchange (YE) about exploring simple ways on how to work together with others, creating a common living space and designing various games outside in nature.

There are 4+1 places available for Macedonians (in total 5 places). The 1 place is for the leader, while other 4 places are considered for participants. The age of the participants should be between 16 and 23.

There is Advanced Planning Visit (APV) for this YE that will be done online.

The Youth Exchange (YE) will happen 16-27 August (excluding travel days). Here, all 5 selected participants are going together, and coming back together. Location of the APV is Olde Vechte Foundation in Ommen, the Netherlands.

YMCA Bitola will give special consideration to those who had, or are planing to have a role in the future camps at our YMCA. For this event there are 75 EUR participation fee for all placements, and another 20 EUR for sending fee. A waiting list will be created from all who apply, in case there are dropouts, and those who will receive confirmation and further instructions from us, can continue with the selection process. For this event there is travel reimbursement of the costs made for going to and from Ommen up to 275 EUR under any circumstances.

Find the Info-letter with more details here, read carefully and then apply here. For questions, write us on In the info-letter it says that the application goes through which is also a valid email address. WHEN APPLYING, PLEASE CONSIDER IF YOU WANT TO BE A GROUP LEADER!

Младинска размена Peacemakers Global Week 2020 @ Online event
Sep 14 – Oct 11 all-day

Latest update:

Organizers decided to create an online Global Week for this year, with an online course that will embed most of the presentations planned in the initial schedule. We will use an e-learning platform which soon will be tested, together with webinars held by various speakers. The National Agency in Norway approved an extended period of 24 months for this project. Therefore, the new timetable is the following:

May: YGlobal is testing the platform and creating the curriculum

June- August: collaboration with our partners for creating the content, gathering materials and finding speakers for the webinars

14th September (Monday) – 11th of October (Sunday): 1 month of course to be completed
11th of October – 15th of December: the participants will have to conduct projects in their local communities, as a final assignment of the course, using knowledge from the presentations and webinars

February – March 2021 – follow up period with focus on the feedback of the project



Places are filled! However, it is still possible to apply – all who does, automatically will be put on a waiting list. If somebody cancels in the meantime, the next one from that list fills the place!



Are you interested in global issues and want to learn more about what you can do to work for more just world? Do you want to meet young people from around the world and discuss important issues such as peace, poverty and injustice together with them? Then Global Week is for you!

Global Week is YWCA-YMCA Global’s summer leadership training course!

Every summer around 50 young people gather in Norway for a week of discussions, learning, action and exciting meetings.  With participants from 11 countries, Global Week is really a place to get a feeling of how small the world is.  When young people from different parts of the world come together and get to know each other, we get a better understanding of how the world works and how, together, we can work for justice and peace.  If you are between 18-30 you can participate in Global Week.

The theme for Global Week 2019 is Youth, Peace and Security.  Maybe you think that its only political leaders who can change the word? Or that only staff in a big organization can run campaigns.  That’s of course not true.  It might sound like a cliché, but it starts with you.  At Global Week 2019 we will talk about what we can do to make the world a better place, both for those around us and for young people in other countries.  We’ll learn how to develop a campaign, how to get young people involved and how we can use music or social media to work for a more just world.

The week culminates with a campaign day where participants can use their newly learned skills in achieving the best results. Being part of Global Week is important because we live in a world with huge challenges, which we as young people can overcome. Video from the last years exchange can be seen here.

For the Macedonians are available 4 placements. Applicants will be given possibility to attend based on the principle ‘first come first served’ until the places are filled, with the priority given to the ones having been part of our GLOW&YMLP camps and clubs. For this reason, a CV will be asked from the applicants showing interest on our mail. For further applicants, a waiting list will be created and if someone cancels in the meantime, the next on the list will fill the emptied position, for which it will be notified. Always check your mail to see if you are that person!

Apply by sending mail on:

Participation fee/travel costs: Waiting for info!
Sending costs: 30 eur.

Call for “Empowering Summer Camp Youth Leaders” Program @ Leusden, The Netherlands
Oct 19 – Oct 23 all-day

Empowering Summer Camp for Youth Leaders is postponed to October!

Empowering Summer Camp Youth Leaders (ESYL for short) is a short training course, hosted by YMCA Netherlands, to strengthen the YMCA summer camp work in Europe. The training course takes place from 19th till 23th of October, and is located on one of the national camp sites of YMCA Netherlands in Leusden, in the middle of The Netherlands.

There are 2 goals for the training: First, to strengthen the YMCA summer camp work in Europe by sharing knowledge with each other, learning new ideas, methods and games. The second goal is to see if this can be used to improve the YMCA standards for summer camps. This due to fact that  some of the countries who are involved in this project have been organizing summer camps for quite a long time, and others have just (re)started with summer camps. All YMCA summer camps should offer similar quality to it’s beneficiaries.

The training course is for volunteers and/or youth workers who organize summer camps, or want to learn how to organize summer camps. The age of the participants should be between 17 and 30. The call is open for all youth who is enthusiastic about camping. Have in mind that it is a camp setting, meaning that sleeping is in tents, so you have to bring your own sleeping bag.

There are 4+1 places available for Macedonians (in total 5 places). The 1 place is for the leader who will need to arrive at the camp site on 19th May. Other 4 places are considered for participants, and they arrive on the 20th May.

Apply by filling out this application form and together with your CV, send them to

YMCA Bitola will give special consideration to those who had, or are planing to have some role at our Camps. There is also sending costs of 35 EUR to be paid by the selected participants to YMCA Bitola. A waiting list will be created from all who apply, in case there are dropouts, and those who will receive confirmation and further instructions from us, can continue with the selection process. For this event there is travel reimbursement of the costs made for going to and from Leusden up to 275 EUR under any circumstances.

For more information please consult the Info Letter.

Play the Way! Training in Czech republic @ Czech Republic
Dec 30 – Dec 31 all-day

Play the Way is a two-phased program composed of a Training Course and a Youth Exchange. The Training Course that focuses on implementing the concept of gamification in youth work, in the frame of the Play the way! Youth Exchange. It is designed for people working with youth in various contexts and it uses the environment of the local organization as a creative base for combining game elements with tasks. Our intention is to create a safe and supportive non-formal learning environment, where our participants can experience and experiment with various gamification-tools and receive a brief but impactful input in the position of the facilitator, mentor, and coach, during the TC and also during the Youth Exchange.  

The project consists of two phases:

A1: Training course about gamification for 3 youth workers/partner organization 

A2: Youth Exchange about employability for 4 youth + 1 group leader (who took part in the TC)

Info letter here. Apply here.

Last update: Since there is still present world situation with the pandemics, the event is postponed until further notice.


Камп-фестивал Wonderful Days во Данска @ Tommerup Efterskole, Denmark
Dec 30 – Dec 31 all-day

Wonderful Days е камп-фестивал организиран од страна на ИМКА/ИВКА Данска. Наменет е за дружење и забава на средношколците од Данска кои се дел од големото ИМКА/ИВКА семејство. Во таа дружба имаат обезбедено места и за интернационални гости од Европа и светот.

Кампот трае една недела и се состои од кампување во шатори на однапред подготвени локации за тоа, со бини за музички и други настани, места за разни натпревари и разни спортски и друштвени игри – сите предуслови за едно одлично камперско и фестивалско искуство! Како сето ова изгледаше во 2016г., може низ фотографии да видите тука, а има и видео презентација тука.

Разгледајте го нивниот официјален сајт (на англиски) тука.

Може и да ги следите на Фб тука.

Сите заинтересирани за учество на овој камп фестивал, како и за поставување разни прашања – пишете на следнава маил адреса:

Последен апдејт: Бидејќи организаторите не успеаа да добијат финансиска помош од ЕУ за потребите на фестивалот, учесниците на никаков начин не се поддржани. Патувањето до настанот во Данска останува на потполн трошок и во сопствена организација на учесникот.