Call for Mentors for the GLOW & YMLP clubs 2019!

We are searching for smart, skilled, and savvy motivated individuals from the Peace Corps Volunteers to join us in the roles of Mentors for the GLOW & YMLP clubs throughout the country!

All people applying for the open positions are expected to be enthusiastic, demonstrate professionalism, be open-minded to work with youth and act as mentors and role models.

The responsibilities they will have in the clubs are expected to be for 9 months from September 2019 to May 2020. If there is Satellite Club in their proximity, it is expected to help also in their activities as well.

The applicant must have attended at least one GLOW or YMLP camp in the past and to be 18+ years old.

Since this is relatively new program, is also expected to communicate with the YMCA all new ideas they will have in order to better this whole concept of alumni clubs throughout the country.

Apply for Club’s Mentor!


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