Enjoy eat in Italy!

Enjoy eat was a training course held from 17th – 23rd October 2019 in Bergolo – Italy, with participants from Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, United Kingdom, Romania, Spain and Hungary.

Since the nutrition is one of the pillars of our well-being, through this project an effort was made to improve the skills of staff members and volunteers of youth organizations in the area of designing and preparing balanced and inclusive menus for groups (with valuable vegetarian, vegan, halal, gluten-free and lactose-free alternatives). These are usually groups of people that attend various events like seminars, youth exchanges, trainings etc. In this way, we made possible to raise the efficiency of these events, but also all other kinds of activities where is required to have some kind of food for the participants.

In this event we acquired, and later disseminated knowledge related to food, nutrition, cooking for groups, food production, food market and job opportunities related to food and cooking. We learned about the concepts of Slow Food, we visited some local producers of food in the region of Bergolo. We learned about mindfulness in eating, but also we talked about many regulations that exist concerning food in different countries.

There is a gallery of the event that can be seen here.


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