Game on!

We have just completed our GAME ON youth exchange and therefore we would like to share our impressions and opinion on the aforementioned project. For the last year’s experience (of this kind) – see here.

When we applied, we expected it to be a usual project, but as the days passed by we realized that we will actually experience the time of our lives! It all started with a dynamic game then continued with some conversations we had together with people from many other counties, people with different backgrounds, etc. We ended up looking forward to start the exchange!

The next two days included more games from our leaders. We were all enthusiastic, excited and ran all over Olde Vechte with a big smiles on our faces. To our big surprise, we had the opportunity to go to the nearby swimming pool, where we had lots of fun. After some time spent with many new friends and even more happy moments, we went on to the part when we had the chance to be creative, innovative and imaginative. All of us had fun while playing self made games, which proved that we are capable of accomplishing things that can later provide us with a good deal of excitement.

Later on, the most thrilling part begun. For three days we had the responsibility to think as intellectual people and attempt to live without the essentials. It was quite a challenge for all of us, but eventually, it turned out to be the most entertaining weekend of our lives where we got to know the daily Dutch culture and gained some important skills!

As we were closing the project, we are looking back at all our memories from these two weeks – and we would like to recommend to everyone applying to a youth exchange like this one here in Olde Vechte.

Full photo album here.

Photo credits Márton Szilárd

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