GLOW Camp 2019


“Are there any STRONGGGG women in the house!?” These were the words echoed every morning at this year’s Girls Leading Our World Camp, a women’s empowerment camp that teaches young women how to become service-minded leaders in their communities. This year’s camp took place from July 25th through August 1st at the Begova Korija campsite in Krushevo. Over 70 young women campers were welcomed by 30 dancing, singing, and clapping camp staff to kickoff the week’s festivities.

Over the course of 8 days, campers had the opportunity to flex their networking skills with exclusive meetings with our sponsors and partners: Peace Corps, Mermeren Kombinat, Okta, SaSa Mine, Alkaloid, Pekabesko, Coalition Sega, and Rotary Club. In addition, campers enrolled in coursework focused on leadership, service, and women’s empowerment. However, the impact of GLOW goes beyond leadership training and coursework. Campers also had the opportunity to get outside: eat s’mores by the campfire, setup tents in the forest, SING camp songs, and learn more about environmental conservation.

The most long lasting impact of the camp lies within the friendships developed during camp. Not only do campers develop their skills and their potential, but they also have the opportunity to make friends that will last a lifetime. Each camper stayed with a group of 8 other women throughout the week, shared stories, and some even say — they became family. We hope our GLOW alumni continue to develop those friendships as they start their own community-based service projects this fall. To our alumni — utilize your new skills and your friendships, and do not be afraid to lead change in your communities, because you are ALL STRONG AND INTELLIGENT women.

We want to especially thank our corporate partners and donors: Mermeren KombinatOKTA, SASA Mine, TAV AirportsAlkaloid and Kromberg & Schubert, ESM, EED, Horus as well as individual donors for providing the monetary donations to make the camp possible.

The full photo gallery, and the official video of the camp can be seen here.

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