Service Projects at GLOW & YMLP camps 2019

At camps, young men and women across the country are coming together and they participate in various activities like workshops on various topics, they have sports activities, they have employability fair, they have activities where they are developing deeper cross-cultural understanding among themselves –  but they also have different outdoor activities, of which the volunteering aspect is predominantly stressed – and that is the service project done at camp.

Our facilitators  are responsible for designing and implementing the Project Design Module intended for campers to envision an idea for a service project at the camp, the to work through it, prepare the materials needed for executing the service project and finaly organize every little detail in order this to really happen. And, at this year we had several smaller service projects and one big. The several smaller service projects included mural painting with the camp logo in  indoor camp facilities, painting and decorating several wooden palettes intended for holding vases with freshly planted flowers (for decorating outdoors of the camp facilities) and cleaning and painting with protective paint the wooden signals in the shape of arrows for marking of the camp grounds. The big service project was all about outdoors. The general idea was to gather all together and to clear an old shorter path through the forest, abandoned in the meantime, but leading to an open space in the forest that was used for activities. This spot was accessible, but from a longer half round path, used for other purposes. Then to put, before already prepared, long pieces of wood on the sides of the cleared path and to fix them in the ground. so they will stay there and basically give an outline of the forest path itself. And since this was a major thing, it was not possible to be done in one service project, so we did it in two phases – the first one at the YMLP Camp, and the other one at the GLOW Camp that was after the YMLP. The goal is to have good practice of the whole process – form idea to implementation of service activity that will be later reproduced in the clubs, with the purpose of doing this in a local community setting.

All went well at the end and the path was cleared and marked! It is now ready for use for the camp facilities, but also for the other local people living near by. And of course, at the end њe want to especially thank our corporate partners and donors: Mermeren KombinatOKTA, SASA Mine, TAV AirportsAlkaloid and Kromberg & Schubert, ESM, EED, Horus as well as individual donors for providing the monetary donations to make the camp possible.

The full photo album of the camp service project can be seen here.

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