Service Projects of GLOW & YMLP clubs (Spring) 2019

The GLOW and YMLP Youth Fund by YMCA provides opportunities for GLOW&YMLP Clubs throughout the country to implement skills they’ve learned in service project design and management by writing a grant and implementing a project to improve their community. In this years round of grant applications, 11 clubs were awarded the grant based on their project proposals, written by youth leaders, in the areas of environment, civic engagement and arts.

GLOW & YMLP Club Ohrid decided to use their Service Project Grant to establish recycling stations at each of the four secondary schools in Ohrid. Working with the student leaders from each of “St. Cyril and Metodius” sister schools, (St. Kliment Ohridski, St. Naum Ohridski, and Vanco Pitoseski), the Club provided each school with paint, tools, and banner material so each could create its own unique recycling banner and containers. PAKOMAK Skopje agreed to donate four recycling containers to each school, and a local recycling company agreed to pick up the collected materials on a regular basis during the school year. After this, students from each school will be able to recycle paper, plastic, aluminum and glass every day!

GLOW & YMLP Club Kocani had their spring service project where they picked up trash and spray painted over graffiti at a local kindergarten. As previous GLOW & YMLP campers, the leaders as well as the mentors were more than proud to lead the club by allowing members to talk about tabboos, organize parties with them and share their knowledge. We sincerely hope they taught them something worth knowing! As leaders, their hope is that the club becomes even better with the next-year leaders.

GLOW & YMLP Club Kumanovo volunteers painted a beautiful environmental awareness mural at the local high school, as well as doing a trash clean up! Here is what they had to say about their club and the past year:

Just realizing how fast time flies as this year’s club meetings comes to an end. It was truly an interesting experience and as people came and left all leaving a unique mark with their words and actions our club bloomed and grew into what it is right now, and this is just the beginning. Our biggest success would have to be when we all gathered in one place for the service project which turned out beyond amazing and we’re all super proud of it. Having an impact on the society in which we live in is one of the main things about GLOW and YMLP, and we are planning on doing exactly that in the future. With much more organization and with dedicated members we will make our club a place for improving our inner selves and everything around us.”

GLOW Club and YMLP Club Gostivar had their spring service project where they spread the love by passing out compliments around their community!

GLOW and YMLP Clubs Kicevo completed their Spring service project by handing out handmade bracelets, flower seeds, and compliments all around the city. A beautiful idea that will help their community bloom in multiple ways!

GLOW and YMLP Club Gevgelija held their spring service project at the local kindergarten.! The club painted a nice mural on the wall and planted flowers in the garden!

GLOW and YMLP Club Shtip had their service project where they partnered with their local rotary club to plant flowers and paint a playground at at local primary school!

GLOW and YMLP Club Bitola had their spring service project and partnered with their local Red Cross. Together they painted a mural at the rehabilitation center for children with hearing and speaking impairments.

GLOW & YMLP Club Tetovo had their spring service project teamed up with other local organizations and selected areas with the most garbage. They enjoyed the beautiful weather and serving their community by picking up trash.

GLOW & YMLP Club Struga had their spring service project where spent the afternoon picking up trash outside a daily center in their community.

GLOW & YMLP Club Delchevo had a cleanup and repainted murals at their local park. Check out their before and after pictures of their beautiful murals.

We want to especially thank our corporate partners and donors: Mermeren KombinatOKTA, SASA Mine, TAV AirportsAlkaloid and Kromberg & Schubert, ESM, EED as well as individual donors for providing the monetary donations to make this activities possible.

Photo gallery of all events, here.

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