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Like in the Hollywood industry – when a movie becomes a hit, you gotta make a sequel! Well, last years hit was Natural (only one person is repeating a role in this years continuation of the franchise, and that is Pece).


Here we are, the five signing this article

This summer, in the surprisingly sunny Netherlands, we (the team of five people signing this article) attended a youth exchange seminar that was dealing with both employability and outdoor activities. We have shared our ideas with 50 other people from 10 different  countries, and all of us interpreted their experiences differently, but we were eager to share our impressions between each other.

The whole project was split into four parts. The first part was the Advanced Plan Visit (APV), which was in April. On the APV were two participants present form each country, and there we made a test-run on all the planned workshops for the main event, and we also did some last minute changes. The rest of the parts were on the exchange itself.

Next was the workshops organized by the team leaders. These workshops promoted teamwork, skills development and employability skills. The learning was practical and efficient. After getting an idea of how a workshop works, the participants (in teams) were later able to make their own workshops. That was the third part. All of the participants split into groups and made their own workshops,  which were attended by the other participants.

And the last part was a completely outdoor experience. With hitchhiking, rafting, house searching and through working for food, we all managed to put to use all of the skills we acquired during the previous workshop phase at the premises of the Olde Vechte Foundation.

This exchange was truly a life changing one, as we got to experience life at  both its highest and lowest, and found that it is the same. After all, life is life and we are the ones who hold the key to it. We own the future, and the future owns us.

Again us, returning to Macedonia

Full photo album here.

Photo credits Márton Szilárd




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