Wonderful Days in Denmark 2019

Photo by: Helle Hauge

Wonderful Days is the biggest national event of YMCA and YWCA Denmark. It is a festival where in a period of six days more than 1.000 participants and volunteers get together to throw an incredible party together with guests from more than 10 countries. This year, the event was held in Blåkilde Efterskole from 8th of July until 13th of July.

Photo by: Helle Hauge

Photo by: Daniel Roved Langgaard

The aim of the event with all the workshops and discussions was clear – every action has its reaction. We learned that we need to take responsibility for our actions, we need to care about the environment because we are part of it and we are helping it to get built correctly. We also learned that we don’t have to go with the flow and let things go. These were some of the questions we were presented to at Wonderful Days 2019. There were a lot of open discussions, entertainment and physical activities regarding the theme of the year.

To illustrate, we were playing beach volleyball, singing and dancing all night long in the Performance Tent, doing yoga in the morning, playing with fireballs, having a brunch prepared on a bonfire, hair blowing in the Danish cold wind after shower… 🙂 It is a perfect place for meeting new friends from all around the world, challenging yourself and having fun for six days straight.

All in all, we definitely had the time of our lives. Wonderful days has helped me to think about my actions, to think about the importance of the nature and the others. I promise that I will continue to takecare about everything that surrounds me.

Photo by: Christian Blom-Bloch

The Macedonian group in the festival!











Photo by: Christian Blom-Bloch


More photos from the whole event can be seen here.

Also, YMCA Bitola have visited the previous Wonderful Days festival in 2016!

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