Service Projects of GLOW & YMLP clubs (Autumn) 2018

GLOW and YMLP Clubs Leading Positive Change in Their Communities!

Every year, our GLOW and YMLP campers reconvene in their communities to initiate and lead a series of service projects throughout Macedonia. All service projects are developed within regional YMLP and GLOW clubs – local, youth-led clubs which empower young men and women to become leaders in their communities. These youth are often GLOW or YMLP Camp alumni who, through their club activities, are able to apply what they have learned at camp about leadership and civic engagement in their communities.

Our clubs were responsible for designing, implementing, and fundraising their own service projects including applying to grants from YMCA Bitola for any materials they require. We’re excited to share the below projects YMLP and GLOW leaders carried out throughout their communities in Fall 2018! We also want to especially thank our donors: the European Endowment for Democracy (EED), and our corporate partners OKTA, Tinex, SASA Mine, Alkaloid, Pekabesko, Zikol and other corporate and individual donors for providing the monetary donations to make the 2018 service projects possible.

Thank you clubs for leading change in your communities!

Kocani: Club members purchased blanket making materials for families in need for the winter. Club members worked together to make their own blankets and deliver the blankets to families who needed additional warm clothes for the winter season.

Tetovo: Club members used food prep materials to lead a course on healthy eating at local schools — including teach youth how to make their own granola and salads.

Gevgelija: Club members worked with local teachers and students at an elementary school to paint a series of games and colorful murals on the school pavement — the only place for recreation for the students.

Ohrid and Strumica: In Ohrid and Strumica, club members sought to fight trash around their schools, by cleaning the trash around local playgrounds and schools. In Ohrid made trash receptacles brighter and more obvious to the eye with bright paints. In Strumica, club members created an environmental awareness campaign to keep their city clean.

Kicevo and Bitola: In Kicevo and Bitola, club members and local community members sought to cover hate speech in their community (a swastika). The Kicevo club painted an electrical box with a friendly mural. Similar in Bitola, club members painted a mural of the mountainous Pelegonia region over hate speech in their community.

Shtip: Realizing youth with special needs continue to be a marginalized community in Shtip. The club of Shtip did arts and crafts with 20 disadvantaged students in their community. The community of Shtip hopes to build lasting connections with the youth they supported.

Delcevo: In Delcevo, club members sought to create a more comfortable space for people with special needs in their community. They painted the day center with colorful murals to make the kids feel more welcomed.

Skopje: In Skopje, the club led workshops in their community about leadership and the importance of freedom of expression.

Photos from the service projects can be seen here and here.

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