YMLP Camp 2018

The unforgettable YMLP camp 2018!

“Country roads, take me home, to the place, I belong…”

This past July, YMLP camp was a fantastic experience at the Begova Korija campgrounds in the beautiful Krushevo, Macedonia.

At camp, young men across the country came together and participated in professional workshops, developed deeper cross-cultural understanding, and had a whole lot of fun. From studying topics such as youth-employability, civic responsibility and leadership – to learning how to play baseball, having creative writing courses, and sleeping in tents underneath the stars – campers had a genuinely unique experience that’s not offered anywhere else in Macedonia.

YMLP campers become confident activists and leaders who are engaged in their respective communities. They understand how to kickstart not only their own personal and professional development, but also how to work with and become close to people who are different than themselves. YMLP fosters life-long friendship for the next generation of leaders in Macedonia. Come see what the buzz is all about!

“Every year the annual camps help me shape and develop my character in a professional and more responsible manner. Each year taking up a new position has gifted me the opportunity to grow and learn whilst stepping outside of my comfort zone and accepting a greater responsibility. The constant implementation of the new courses and electives grants me the ability to show a positive example as I continually develop and improve my leadership skills. The safe space surrounding of YMLP has truly helped me look deeper into myself and spark the motivation and discipline to pursue goals on both and individual and collective team effort as we strive to constantly and consistently develop the programs for the future. Nenad Stojcevski (Camper 2016, Counselor-In-Training 2017 and Counselor 2018)

We want to especially thank our donors: US Embassy, FOOM, European Endowment for Democracy (EED), and our corporate partners OKTA, Tinex, SASA Mine, Alkaloid, Pekabesko, Zikol and other corporate and individual donors for providing the monetary donations to make this unforgettable Camp YMLP 2018 possible.

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