Orientation Training for Camp Staff 2018

On Saturday March 24, YMCA Bitola hosted the annual GLOW and YMLP Pre-Camp Training for our Camp staff and counselors in training. All in all, 55 camp staff and 15 counselors in training came together at NOVA High School in Skopje to learn about their jobs and responsibilities as facilitators, counselors, support staff, and counselors in training at GLOW and YMLP.

The GLOW and YMLP team works hard during the Staff training in order to plan lessons, group activities, meals, camp outs, s’mores and more for our campers to enjoy. This year, they worked on new and exciting aspects to our program. In 2018, GLOW will increase our number of facilitators from 8 to 10, in order to provide a more robust program, and more meaningful classes. This will contribute significantly to the new curriculum subject that can be found at both camps of Youth Employability. The staff also learned about a new aspect to our program that began last year at YMLP- a volunteerism simulation that campers will learn about designing and managing projects through, that will this year be found at both camps in conjunction with the camp service project. Our volunteers learned about all of these parts of camp and more! 

This year, GLOW and YMLP Coordinators focused on giving our staff usable skills that will be valuable at camp, and also in life that our camp staff will be able to carry with them in other endeavors. Depending on positions at camp, our staff learned skills such as basic safety procedures, how to manage group dynamics, empathy, how to write a lesson plan, and even classroom management. We are confident our staff will use their newfound skills to make this years camps the best ones yet.

Camper leaders also had a chance to participate in the training. While the majority of our campers will be recruited in April, 16 campers will return from last year to act as Counselors in Training (CiTs) at the 2018 camps. These campers are in a valuable position to learn all about what being staff at GLOW and YMLP really means, so that in the future they can come back to be full camp staff. CiTs participated in the training by being matched with their counselor mentors, and learning all about how they can be a leader on their team and work with their counselor to make camp an amazing experience for this year’s new campers, just like it was for them.

The GLOW and YMLP Staff teams thank NOVA School in Skopje for hosting us for our staff training, pictured below. Also we want to thank the European Endowment for Democracy (EED), our corporate partners OKTA, Tinex, SASA Mine, Alkaloid, Pekabesko, Zikol and other corporate and individual donors for providing the monetary donations to make this training possible.

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