Service Projects of GLOW & YMLP clubs (Autumn) 2017

The Camp GLOW and Camp YMLP Youth Fund by YMCA Bitola provides opportunities for GLOW and YMLP Clubs throughout the country to implement the learned skills  in service project on topic about design and management by writing a grant and implementing a project to improve their community. In the first round of grant applications, seven GLOW and YMLP clubs were awarded the grant based on their project proposals, written by youth leaders, in the areas of environment, civic engagement and arts.

GLOW and YMLP Bitola plan to organize a 2-hour event  for the environment involving a presentation together with the “BitolaNaTocak” initiative, about the pollution in the environment and the things we can do to stop it from spreading. The presentation will have a special focus on communicating to at least 50 youth how useful cycling is for people and the community. They plan to have some fun and interesting games to invigorate the participants, which will include games, for instance, the game “Do It by Yourself”, fun facts about bikes and the environment, music, and much more and will be held at Shirok Sokak in order to raise awareness and motivate the public to use greener transportation.

GLOW Kriva Palanka is planing to improve the yard of the City Museum of Kriva Palanka, a local institution funded by the Municipality of Kriva Palanka – in order to support the museum’s current initiatives in exchange for supporting our clubs and events. GLOW Kriva Palanka will clean, sand and paint 13 benches in the museum yard and clean and renovate (pull weeds, pick up trash, fix) the museum playground.

GLOW and YMLP Club Ohrid will promote an electronics recycling day for at least 11 schools in the Ohrid Municipality. NULA OTPAD DOO (NOD) (Zero Waste), a non-profit organization is authorized by the Government to collect and safely dispose all of the electronic equipment. This service, including the pick-up and transport of all items is offered at no charge. GLOW and YMLP Ohrid will create an efficient pick-up circuit and submit that information to NOD.

GLOW Struga will hold a community event which will promote recycling among youth in their community. Their event will emphasize clean living through environment and physical activity by organizing games integrating sports and recycling and distributing information about how to get involved. GLOW Struga is hoping to get 35 local youth motivated to get civically engaged in their local community through environmentalism and physical activity.

GLOW and YMLP Tetovo is planing to hold an “Ancient Olympics” event promoting health and wellness for all children regardless of ability/disability in their community. The Ancient Olympics Fundraiser will be designed to accommodate approximately 100 people, primarily students both with and without disabilities, including volunteers who will lead the sessions and activities. In order to incorporate history and a positive atmosphere, components of the ancient Olympics, such as an opening ceremony, traditions, decorations, art, and a closing ceremony will be included. Every participant will contribute with 100 denars, which will be donated to children in need through a local NGO.

GLOW and YMLP Vinica will paint over the graffiti on the walls of the local park, giving the high school art classes students the opportunity to repaint the murals and beautifying the neighborhood for the community members who frequently visit the park.

GLOW Club Debar will hold workshops for the local kindergarten in their community to encourage arts education and appreciation. The club will help 25 children to create paintings which will be put on auction and sold in the community to support families in need through the local Red Cross.

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