Blog editorial policy

While we respect liberty of speech and expression, this publication, which bears the name of YMCA Bitola, YMCA Macedonia, and their respective logos, must adhere to certain editorial guidelines. These guidelines require that all content of this blog be in good taste. Content should not include profanity, insults or slander, hate speech, or any other type of disturbing material. Articles containing such material will not be published until adapted and reviewed by our editorial staff.

Given that the goal of our blog is to raise youth literacy, encourage expression, and improve the quality of the articles submitted, our team reserves the right to edit articles for content or length, give suggestions, and adapt certain texts with consultation of the author.

Authors attitudes are their personal attitudes. Authors do not necessarily speak on behalf of YMCA Bitola. Authors viewpoints are not always in concordance with the attitudes that YMCA Bitola promotes.

Comments on the blog will be monitored by our team. Any comments containing hate speech or other type of disturbing material will be removed.

We thank all who give an active and selfless contribution to our blog, those who write articles, as well as those who give us ideas, comments, and meaningful feedback.

Any participant in some of the YMCA Bitola programs is welcome to submit an article for publication. If you are interested in writing and article, please contact a member of the editorial staff.


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