Empowering Summercamp Youth Leaders #1 2

This training resulted from activities initiated for creating common standards for camps throughout YMCA Europe.

More about that event can be seen here.

E.S.Y.L. stands for “Empowering Summercamp Youth Leaders”, and this was the first edition, a 5-days training course, hosted by YMCA Nederland to make a better connection between the YMCAs in whole Europe. The camp was located in one of the YMCA Nederland’s campsites in Leusden from 13-17 May. The main idea of this camp was to share the knowledge and experience between the YMCA organizations from the Netherlands, Portugal, Moldova, Denmark, Romania and Lithuania. The team of 5 people from YMCA Bitola, including 2 Peace Corps volunteers clearly defined their work, goals and ideas and shared the story of successful organization of YMCA in Macedonia.

The camp was fun, exciting and filled with ideas by everyone that participated. Also a lot of classes, games and presentations help us to understand the concept of organizing a camp. The important part of it is how to make great camp leaders, including coaching, personal behavior, building connections, first aid. A Peace Corps member in our team, Cindy Sorensen held a few presentations in which she give contribution about organizing a camp, the purpose of a camp and the profile of campers. In this way the other YMCA teams have a chance to learn more about the camps that are organized in Macedonia.


Through the team building games I got socialized with the other members of the other YMCAs and it was a great opportunity for me to talk to such wonderful people. Every night we got our relations stronger by playing a game called “The wolves of Wekkerdam”. That was one of the greatest experience I had so far on international camp. For me this training was a great opportunity to learn about the other countries in Europe and also to meet new people from different YMCA organizations, sharing knowledge and experience.  Beside the two Peace Corps volunteers that were present as part of our team (to later help us integrate better the gained knowledge into the structure of the activities at our camps), from Macedonia we had Gjorgi Trajkovski, Vjosa Ramadani, and Riste Kovachev. Here is the photo gallery of the event.


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